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15 October 2006 @ 10:14 pm
Hi guys, I was wondering if you could post a comment about what you would most like that could be purchased for under $5. Keep in mind that I have good access to used book and CD stores.

I'll start. Here is what I like: Books on tape, any Leonard Cohen music other than "The Songs of Leonard Cohen" because I already have that, mix tapes or cds, and really boring medium-sized second hand shirts. Bonus if you can buy three long-sleeved black shirts for under $5. They can't be ugly. I also enjoy many types of food.
Zardzard on October 16th, 2006 03:32 am (UTC)
I am looking for some Kate Bush, anything but Hounds of Love because I have that (well I will soon). Bonus for "The Kick Inside." Also, random dylan, chick corea's "My spanish heart," dave brubeck (anything but greatest hits), any hilary hahn, any anne-sophie mutter, the neil young album that has that funky violin solo on it (ask dad). Also looking for Don Juan Demarco in video. Any recording of the bach violin sonatas and partitas, or other interesting things on the naxos label (cheap classical). Math books (like, funky ones). Gleick's Chaos. Used food processor. Sweaters. Socks. Blind date with cute, smart boy. And suprises. I love surprises, even if they stink.

I was told that when I write christmas lists I sound too greedy. Let me point out my happiness does not depend on any of these items and I am just trying to make your life easier. :-)

I wouldn't know where to begin with the long-sleeved black shirt idea.